Question 1 – In February 2020, the first cubs of which animal were born through the in vitro fertilization method?

Answer 1 – Cheetah

Question 2 – In March 2020, a 67 million-year-old fossil was discovered, which had great scientific importance. What was the fossil called?

Answer 2 – WonderChicken

Question 3 – 2020 saw, for the first time ever, the Academy Award for Best Picture go to a Non-English language feature film. Which film?

Answer 3 – Parasite

Question 4 – Sumit Nagal became the first Indian in 7 years to win a Grand Slam singles match by beating Bradley Klahn at which tournament?

Answer 4 – US Open

Question 5 – Which actor famous for his role as Jim in ‘The Office’ created a YouTube series called ‘Some Good News’ which went viral?

Answer 5 – John Krasinski