Apple Watch finally has native Spotify streaming-Techweu

Apple Watch finally wins native Spotify streaming -Techweu
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Approximately two years after launching the Apple Watch app, Spotify can now run independently on all Watch Series 3 and later, without having to connect to an iPhone. This allows you to stream music to your Bluetooth headset or speakers. This update provides standalone streaming for Wi-Fi only cellular models running Watch OS 6.0 and above.

Previously, you could use the Spotify app on your Apple Watch to remotely control music playback while connected to your iPhone. New updates are still available to US users, and some users are seeing new on-device streaming options with beta labels. The more extensive deployment will take place in the coming days.


Image Credit: TechCrunch

Spotify has joined Pandora and Apple Music as the only three music streaming apps that support native streaming on the Apple Watch.


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