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In this Episode 03 of Tech Tales S01, we have continued the story from the invention of Apple 2, How apple got investment, How Steve was betrayed by John Sculley? Why Steve was removed from Apple by the board member? What steve did after he was removed from Apple?

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The invention of Apple 2

Steve Wozniak designed the Apple II in 1977. The self-contained unit housed electronics, keyboard, and power supply, with the BASIC language in permanent memory. A TV served as the display. The floppy disk drive (1978) and spreadsheet program VisiCalc (1979) made it a blockbuster.When it debuted in 1977, the Apple II was promoted as an extraordinary computer for ordinary people. The user-friendly design and graphical display made Apple a leader in the first decade of personal computing.Unlike the earlier Apple I, for which users had to supply essential parts such as a case and power supply, the Apple II was a fully realized consumer product. Design and marketing emphasized simplicity, an everyday tool for home, work, or school.

Apple First investment 

A millionaire retiree from Intel, Mike Markkula was an angel investor in Apple, actually the first investor in the company, who put $250k on the table in 1977. Markkula believed in Steve Jobs’s and Woz’s idea of a personal computer even before they did – he claimed Apple would be a Fortune 500 company in two years.

How steve was betrayed 

In an interview Scully said …

“I was hired to be Steve’s partner,” he said, according to BusinessInsider. “I had no interest in taking over his company.”Sculley said he and Jobs were “great” friends until they clashed over failures to develop the Mac computer.”… when the Macintosh Office, the next version of the Mac introduced in 1985, failed, Steve went into a deep depression over it,” he said, according to Businessinsider. “And it really wasn’t his fault. It was all about Moore’s Law … the reality was the Mac Office wasn’t powerful enough. It just couldn’t do very much. It was being called a toy and ridiculed in the market,” Sculley said.They clashed over Mac strategy, and when Jobs wouldn’t back down from his plan — drop the price, advertise more — Sculley went to the board. The board backed him, Jobs felt betrayed and left.”They didn’t fire him. He was still the chairman and largest shareholder,” Sculley said.”I really blame the board,” Sculley said. “I think the board understood Apple at the time and understood Steve. I think there could have been a solution to keep me and Steve working together.

Why Steve was Removed from Apple by Board

Steve Jobs was not fired from Apple. The company decided to part him from the Macintosh Team. He was obsessed with Macintosh. He wanted it to be perfect and in trying to do so, he went out of the line sometimes.

What Steve did after getting removed from Apple 

After losing a power struggle with the Apple board of directors in 1985, Steve Jobs went on to found NeXT, a computer platform development company for the higher ed and business markets. The following year, he also acquired a computer graphics division of Lucasfilm that went on to become Pixar.


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