Caviar removes iPhone 12 Pro cameras from Limited edition models-Techweu


You may not remember this, but in the olden days the company made a special version of their phone without a camera. These were for businesses and civil servants working in sensitive areas where cameras were banned. With today’s always-on devices, there is a great concern that the phone is at risk and the camera can be used to spy on you.

Caviar has a luxury solution to this problem – iPhone 12 Pro Stealth. The company removed the triple cam from the back and disabled the front selfie camera (Face ID still works, but uses the TrueDepth infrared camera).

The name “Stealth” was chosen as a design inspired by radar avoidance jets. There are two versions of the customized phone, both using hardened titanium to create a new back panel.

The Caviar iPhone 12 Stealth features a vertical guilloche with a durable black laser coating. The stealth gold version switches to a gold PVD coating. Both versions produce only 99 units, so these are also fairly exclusive.

I’m not saying it’s expensive – stealth $ 4,990 And stealth gold $ 5,520. That’s pretty affordable by Caviar’s standards, compared to the $ 23,380 iPhone 12 Pro, which is studded with at least 18 carats of gold. You can check out both phones here.

Note: Nothing has been said about whether MagSafe will continue to work, but this change could disable wireless charging.