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Multi-billionaire tech mogul Elon Musk was spotted at The Activity Awards, the place the Tesla CEO showed his appreciation for his artist girlfriend with a standing ovation.

All through the online video-game awards display Musk was portion of the audience, in which Grimes done her new music — 4AEM.

The track debuted for the to start with time at The Match Awards and was later on accessible for streaming, Enterprise Insider noted.

As for each the report, in addition to her musical overall performance, it was unveiled that Grimes will surface as a character in the video game, a pop star named Lizzy Wizzy.

It was already predicted that predicted that Musk would accompany Grimes as her general performance was announced in advance.

Musk is acknowledged as a gamer himself. Previously at E3, Musk introduced a slew of game titles established to get there in Tesla cars, such as one that allows players command a digital vehicle applying the true steering wheel in the driver’s seat.

Musk reported Tesla house owners will before long be able to obtain Seashore Buggy Racing 2 to their vehicle’s dashboard.

As for each a report, he discussed that people will not only be able to use the steering wheel, but the vehicle’s brake will also be wired into the match.

Also, he said the steering wheel’s scroll button could even be connected to the match, so that players can use it to speed up in video games.


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