Good News for OnePlus fans Nord N100 to have 90Hz display-Techweu

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Since last year’s 7 Pro, OnePlus has focused on the smoothness of “fluid displays” with refresh rates of 90Hz and 120Hz. This works prominently in company marketing for all devices these days … except one.

We are talking about the Nord N100, which was announced with the Nord N10 in late October. By the way, we have already received the N10 for review and are working faithfully. The Nord N100’s spec list has a 60Hz panel, but it’s basically a slightly tuned version of the Oppo A53 and A53, and given that both phones have a 90Hz screen, that’s it. I was always surprised.


The mystery is unraveled by OnePlus itself today, and the company confirms that the N100 actually has a 90Hz panel. The default option is 60Hz, but the refresh rate selector[設定]But you can use it.

rear Android Authority Having purchased the Nord N100 in the UK and found it to have a 90Hz panel, OnePlus withdrew its previous statement regarding the shipment of phones with a 60Hz screen, saying, “The N100 is equipped with a 90Hz display. The actual refresh rate depends on your settings. Applications used and processing limits. ”

nord n100 90hz display

That last phrase may hold a clue as to why OnePlus isn’t selling this feature for this phone-“Processing Limits”. The Snapdragon 460 chipset may not always provide a sufficiently smooth experience when using the 90Hz setting. So the company may have pretended that it wasn’t available in the first place.

Even so, it’s a strange situation to deliberately discount what’s on your device. In particular, marketing departments usually like to do the exact opposite, so even features with gimmicks sound like a must.


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