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India blocks imports of Chinese iPhones
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Xiaomi and Apple will be the latest victims of recent tensions between India and Reuters, The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has been blocking the import of smartphones since August.

Some of the blocked imports are the latest Apple iPhone 12 devices and smart wearables by Oppo and Xiaomi.


BIS typically processes imported goods within 15 days, but reports that it can take up to two months to complete the paperwork. Several Apple India executives have confirmed that BIS will expand its assembly operations in India, but so far nothing has been gained from this communication.

The Prime Minister of India has promoted independence and local production, and traders and Hindu nationalist groups have called for a boycott of imports from China following a border conflict earlier this year. This delay is another headache for retailers just before the holiday season when consumers buy everything from smartphones to cars.

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Reuters He added that in July a special license was suddenly needed for the import of television, a move aimed at interfering with Samsung and Xiaomi.


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