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The MacBook Air with the new Apple M1 chipset has scored over 1 million points on AnTuTuv 8. We used an iOS app for testing (macOS Big Sur can run iOS apps natively on the M1). Interestingly, Air pretended to be an iPad Pro with iOS 14.2 during testing.

AnTuTu8 MacBook Air (8 / 512GB) Scorecard

However, it’s much faster than the iPad Pro and its A12Z chipset. The CPU scores 50% higher, the GPU is 45% higher, and the laptop also has faster memory. The A12Z is ​​a 7nm chip with an older generation core, enhanced compared to the A12 on the iPhone XS, but before the M1 it was the best performing Apple chip (yes, the iPhone). It was faster than the 12 A14). ).

MacBook Air earns over 1 million points on AnTuTu and wipes floors with iPad Pro

Powering the iPhone 12 series, the Apple A14 lags behind due to its limited power usage due to its battery and body designed for smaller devices. Still, the A14 and M1 are cut from the same 5 nm cloth and use the same architecture.

However, the CPU of the iPhone chipset has a 2 + 4 configuration compared to the 4 + 4 of the Mac chipset. Also, the A14 GPU has only half the core of the M1. To emphasize the difference between the two chips, the M1’s CPU is 78% faster than the iPhone 12 Pro’s internals, and the GPU is 2.5 times faster (note that the M1 runs at a higher clock speed). ..

MacBook Air earns over 1 million points on AnTuTu and wipes floors with iPad Pro

In a sense, the A12Z is ​​like the M version of the A12. It has a 4 + 4 CPU instead of 2 + 4 and doubles the GPU core. Will the next-generation iPad Pro use the M1? Or is it “A14Z”?

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