OxygenOS for OnePlus 8T rolls out with 11 different fixes-Techweu

OnePlus 8T rolls out with 11 different fixes
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Today, OnePlus has released the latest software update for its current generation of flagship killer devices, the 8T. The new software is OxygenOS, which is rolling out in India today and will be rolled out in Europe and North America in the near future. As always with the OnePlus release, wireless updates reach a small percentage of today’s users and are expected to continue to expand more widely within the next few days.

OxygenOS for OnePlus 8T brings over 11 different fixes to the phone software experience. Call stability, system power consumption, mistouch prevention, game liquidity, camera app shooting experience, camera stability, mobile network connectivity-all of these improvements.


What is changed in the OxygenOS hot-fix update?



  • System
    • Optimized the call stability
    • Improved system power consumption performance to reduce heating
    • Improved mis-touch prevention to offer a better gaming experience
    • Optimized fluidity with some mainstream games to reduce lagging risks
    • Optimized user experience with Alert Slider by adding toast messages when switching among the 3 modes
    • Fixed the issue that the status bar kept hovering on the screen in landscape mode
    • Fixed the issue that NFC cannot be turned on in a small probability
  • Camera
    • Optimized the imaging effect to bring you with better shooting experience
    • Improved camera stability
  • Network
    • Optimized mobile network connection to improve the network intensity with signal
    • Fixed the small probability issue with network interruption while playing games

In addition, a small probability issue with network interruptions during game play has been fixed, as well as the NFC not turning on under certain conditions, and the hovering status bar in landscape mode has also been removed. Finally, the alert slider user experience has been improved by displaying a toast message when switching modes.


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