Realme to Launch smartphone codenamed “Race” with Snapdragon 888,Here’s look-Techweu

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The next flagship of Realme is a code named “Race” with a model number of RMX2202.This was sent from a trusted source[バージョン情報]You can see it in the screenshot of the screen.

The race will be equipped with Snapdragon 888. This is the name of Qualcomm’s new flagship chipset (rumored to be 875). This will be one of the first S888-based phones on the market. The chipset is paired with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage and runs Android 11 with Realme UI 2.0.


Realme RMX2202
Equipped with Snapdragon 888 and Android 11

Realme RMX2202 “Race” • Equipped with Snapdragon 888 and Android 11

I also received a phone image showing a quad camera with “Oreo” style bumps. However, there is currently no information about the modules in that bump. Nothing is said about whether Realme Race will feature Realme’s 125W UltraDART charging or will debut on another device.

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CEO Madhav Sheth Tweet “Qualcomm 8__” tweeted before and a few hours after the official announcement of the chip “surprise” In December. And this isn’t even the first teaser about Realme with the new 5nm chipset. The teaser hinted at the introduction of a new letter to Realme’s current product line.

Exclusive: Realme `` Race'' comes with the Snapdragon 888 chipset. The appearance is as follows.

However, I feel that the December release is a little too early. For example, the Realme X50 model was announced in late February and launched in early March. This new phone may come slightly less (like Samsung’s S21 phone), but you can’t expect anything more than a teaser until January.

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