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Folding smartphones may or may not be the future, but there is one thing for sure. That means it’s still very expensive at this point. Earlier I heard that Samsung was working on the Galaxy Z Fold Lite, which is cheaper than the Z Fold 2, but now it’s possible that the project has been shelved.

This information comes from Ross Young, the founder of DSCC, who frequently provides fold-related rumors (with a decent track record). He says he hasn’t heard about Z Fold Lite for a while. This may indicate that Z Fold Lite has been shelved.

However, not all hope for a more affordable foldable is lost. This is because Young recently heard about the Galaxy Z Flip Lite. This is probably aimed at being cheaper than the Z Flip. Interestingly, the Lite model retains the ultra-thin glass used in the Z-flip.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

This is in contrast to what was rumored about the potential of Z Fold Lite. That is, just use a complete plastic like the first Galaxy Fold to save costs.

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If the Galaxy Z Flip Lite has been on the market and it’s cheaper to predict than the Z Flip, it’s no wonder it sells better. However, this is wishful thinking at this point, so we have to wait for what happens.


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