Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 price revealed here’s the details-Techweu

Samsuang Galaxy Z Fold3
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The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 is still quite far away, but information has begun to be revealed recently. This, for example, gives insight into possible pricing for mobile phones.

Samsung Galaxy ZFold3 costs about the same as ZFold2


The sources cited have a good track record of leaks, but warn against considering them ascertain yet. According to the report, the ZFold3 is priced the same as the ZFold2, but with a significant number of improvements suggesting ZFold3 pricing at the $ 2,000 stadium.

It’s too early to say, but you can see why Samsung won’t cut prices any further. For now, its main goal is not to make it affordable, but to improve the overall user experience of the form factor. And of course, Samsung is basically running in a foldable segment without competition, so you don’t have to lower prices to be competitive.


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