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Last month, we heard claims that Samsung plans to introduce the first Underdisplay Camera (UDC) on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 (and the Galaxy S21 phone misses this feature).A new report from now on ETNews Reinforce them.

According to industry insiders, Samsung Display has developed a screen that supports UDC. Widened the gap between pixels to allow light to pass through. Still, the light is refracted by the OLED display layer, so a special algorithm is required to correct the image. The camera module is provided by Samsung LSI.

Only the area above the camera lens has a wider gap because it affects the image quality of the display. This is a macro shot of the Axon 20 screen that uses a similar approach to under-display cameras.

The Galaxy Z Fold3 will have under-display camera-TechweuMacro shot of Axon 20 display on under-display camera

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be announced in the third quarter of 2021. The adoption of UDC will help solidify its position as a new flagship (while the Galaxy Note line is being integrated).

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