Snapdragon 875 could be 25% faster than its predecessor, Here’s Details-Techweu


The code name for the Snapdragon 875 chipset is “LahainaIt can be significantly faster than expected. Early benchmarks have shown a score of over 847,000 points on AnTuTu. This is much higher than its predecessor, which is currently above the chart at around 663,000 points.

This is a jump of over 25%, a big leap for an annual upgrade. Of course, these results need to be corroborated before the Qualcomm team can pop the champagne.

For comparison, the iPhone 12 scored 660,000. The Kirin 9000 and Exynos 1080 scored 696,000 and 693,000, respectively, which is enough to surpass the current Snapdragon 865 phone, but far from the claimed result of the 875.

Interestingly, AnTuTu’s charts are currently led by Snapdragon 865 (vanilla chips, not plus). AnTuTu team I will explain (Chinese link) RAM and storage configurations also affect the final score, so large UFS 3.1 storage can offset the slight clock speed shortages of non-plus chipsets.

another Position Oppo says it is testing an overclocked version of the 865, which can reach up to 3.2GHz. The 865+ prime core is clocked at 3.09GHz.

Qualcomm officially announces the Snapdragon 875 (and possibly other chips). If you can believe this benchmark result, this event is a must-see.

The Snapdragon 875 could be 25% faster than its predecessor, and the leaked AnTuTu results