Snapdragon 875 CPU beats the Kirin 9000 in the latest benchmarks, Here’s details-Techweu

Snapdragon 875 CPU beats the Kirin 9000 in the latest benchmarks, Here's details-Techweu
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The first benchmark results for the Snapdragon 875 look promising. The latest information is provided in the form of MasterLu scoresheets published by leakster. Digital chat station, Run on an engineering device (that is, not a retail device).

Qualcomm maintains a 1 + 3 + 4 CPU core layout, and interestingly, the Prime core is running at 2.84 GHz. This is the same as last year, below the 3.09GHz clock speed of the 865+ chip. The upgraded core design yielded higher results than the original 865 achieved. It also defeated the new Kirin 9000 by a considerable margin.


However, the benefits of the Snapdragon chip do not extend to GPUs with a giraffe match. This is a battle between the Mali-G78MP24 and a custom Adreno GPU designed by Qualcomm.

The overall score of the Master Lu benchmark favors the Snapdragon 875, partly due to its high CPU performance, but Qualcomm’s engineering devices also had 12GB of high-speed RAM. However, the Huawei Mate 40 Pro had faster storage (fourth score on the list).

The difference here is less than the AnTuTu score shown. Also, keep in mind that testing a real phone will change the memory speed displayed on this bench, as different phone manufacturers may use different RAM and flash chips.

DCS Xiaomi has previously stated that it has negotiated a timed exclusivity for the Snapdragon 875 chipset for China used to launch the Mi 11 flagship. Leakster also mentioned the overclocked 865 running Prime Core at 3.2 GHz and being tested by Oppo (tentative name “Snapdragon 870”).

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