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Motorola’s new Razr, the rebirth of the classic form factor with a foldable screen, is definitely not a perfect device, what with its performance and sub-par camera and battery life and overall creakiness, so there clearly are a lot of things on which a possible successor might improve upon.

Well, guess what? Such a device is already in the works, and apparently slated for an announcement around September. This is according to Thibault Dousson, Lenovo’s general manager for South Africa. This “new iteration” of the phone is also referred to as “generation two” in a tech podcast where the quote originates from.

So there’s no uncertainty about what exactly this is, as it’s going to be a straight-up successor and not just another foldable form factor or something like that – we say that because we remembered how when the Galaxy Z Flip started to leak (without screen size or form factor details), everyone thought it would be the Fold 2. And instead, it was an entirely different interpretation of the foldable idea.

Anyway, there’s going to be a Razr 2, or Razr (2020), or who knows what Motorola ends up calling it. Hopefully this time around the company can find some flagship chipsets lying around somewhere and use those, along with a bigger battery and cameras that seem to be from 2020 and not a couple of years ago. Let’s wait and see what happens.

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