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Apple has been fined $12 million
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Apple has been fined € 10 million (about $ 12 million) in Italy for a way to advertise the water-resistance of the device.

Italian antitrust authorities don’t like how Apple’s business practices are “aggressive and misleading” when it comes to assessing the iPhone and its water resistance. Regulators said in a statement that Apple advertised the iPhone as water-resistant, but did not make it clear that it was water-resistant only under certain circumstances.


The company added that it is fooling customers through a disclaimer that calls in case of liquid damage are not covered by the warranty. Also, if your phone is damaged by water or other liquids, you will not be supported. This can be misleading if you remember the water resistance claim.

Apple declined to comment on the issue. We’re half confused by the fact that some regulators only understand this, while companies like Apple can easily and cheaply distinguish floods that occur within IP test settings. It’s probably impossible to do. Damage caused outside these harsh conditions.

So perhaps better messaging (and less marketing exaggeration) is a wise way to move forward here. You have to wait for what happens.


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