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Apple has sent a letter to a human rights watch group to ensure that the new iOS 14 has new privacy restrictions. The company also said Facebook “ignores user privacy and collects user data.”

The response from Menlo Park came almost immediately, saying that Apple was throwing smoke grenades to distract from other issues. Social networks claim that while Apple is using its dominant market position to self-prioritize its own data collection, it makes it nearly impossible for competitors to use the same data. Did.

Apple has postponed the deployment of privacy restrictions on the platform until 2021 after developers and businesses complained that they didn’t have enough time to prepare. Changes in the advertising business are expected to “clean up billions of dollars in revenue from advertising-dependent businesses,” according to the Financial Times.

Facebook says Apple’s privacy concerns are a deliberate distraction from the transformation that is happening in Cupertino, which focuses on “data-driven software and media” rather than “innovative hardware products.” It states.

Apple and Facebook are honking with the latest data collection practices

While the two companies are trading jabs, US antitrust regulators are scrutinizing business practices that go against the will and well-being of users. But in this battle, both Facebook and Apple are losing revenue-Facebook from advertising on Apple devices. Apple is increasing the lack of trust in users in both hardware and software areas.


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