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On Wednesday, the European Parliament agreed with a new policy of “creating and implementing mandatory labels to provide consumers with clear, immediate and easy-to-understand information about the estimated lifespan and repairability of products at the time of purchase.” I cast a vote. .. ”

Votes passed with 395 votes in favor, 94 votes against, and 207 abstentions (voting refusal) uphold consumers’ right to repair.

We hope this will lead to swift action that will bring the essential repairability score index to all electrical and electronic products sold throughout the EU so that consumers can shop with confidence. – Ugo Vallauri – Resuming co-founder of the project

In France, we will begin rolling out repairable tags for smartphones, laptops and other electronic devices in January. Austria will also reduce taxes on repair services and provide subsidies for consumer repairs. The label’s repairability score is a perfect score of 10. I fix Assigned to all products to be disassembled.

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We hope that this evaluation will help our customers prioritize products that are easy to modify. In a survey conducted in 2014, European attitudes towards waste management and resource efficiency, 77% of Europeans surveyed want to repair rather than replace the device. 79% of those surveyed agree that manufacturers need to facilitate device repairs and parts replacement.

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