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Gesture controls are gaining a huge appreciation in the technical automotive world. Whether driving at high speeds or low speeds. Drivers cannot afford to take their hands off the wheel nor their eyes off the road. Any distraction could end up as an accident, which is exactly why auto manufactures are designing the features to keep the driver’s eye on the road and not on that large centre console display.

Is this the Future of multimedia devices in Vehicles?

The automobile industries nowadays are mostly working on improved speech recognition, and gesture control. Some applications are currently using simple hand swiping gesture control include changing the radio channel, answering a phone call, playing the next song on your playlist, menu scrolling, navigation screen zooming, sunroof open and close, and overhead dome light control. Gesture control and the sensors that enable the feature are mainly available in luxury cars.

BMW is using this technology in some of its cars.

Distracted driving due to mobile phone usage at the wheel is very high in the world and has become a major cause of accidents. Using a handheld mobile phone while driving affects driver reaction time, the frequency of lane change, and causes an overall reduction in awareness during the driving scenario. Studies suggest mobile phone usage results increase the risk accident. A Ford study on distracted driving revealed some frightening figures. A recent survey conducted by Save Life Foundation in India found that in the 1,749 participants –

47 % admitted to receiving calls while driving
94 % were aware of the dangers of mobile phone use on the go
34 % tended to apply their brakes suddenly when using mobile phones
20 % experienced a near miss or a crash owing to being distracted by their phone

Sunroof operating through gesture control.

Use of communication devices while driving is Voilation ?

In an ideal world, use any form of communication devices while driving is a traffic violation. Especially, the use of the mobile phone in the hand while driving causes the biggest risk. Upcoming infotainment systems that balance the requirements of enhanced connectivity and minimal driver distraction could just offer some sort of relief.

COVID-19 has brought personal hygiene upfront and people will be more aware of their personal space. Due to which they will be more conscious of what they touch, including things inside the car. So, it can be possible that passengers will hesitate to touch buttons and switches in a vehicle which will make gesture control more popular to operate infotainment systems. however, it seems like there is a possibility that the customers will be soon surpassed by the more and more advanced infotainment systems in which gesture control is one of the features.

Another picture showing the use of this technology during driving you can connect or disconnect a call with a swipe.

Are voice control taking over gesture controls?

Nowadays voice command feature is already available in several cars but gesture control is still a novelty and usually present on luxury vehicles only. But it won’t be long before the gesture control feature trickles down to more affordable vehicles. Besides, voice commands and gesture controls are also less distracting as opposed to operating switches and buttons while driving.

However, the gesture control litmus test should be consist of three things :

1: Gesture control has to be Positive which means it has to work in the first attempt, and not in the second or third attempt.
2: Gesture control has to be Affirmative that means the user doesn’t need to glance away all the time to see what he gestures for.
3: Gesture control has to be Context-sensitive which means it should be smart enough to ignore the user’s motion while he is talking with someone. And it should only monitor the motions when the user wants.

Selection of your favorite music without touching the infotainment system with gesture control.


However, after the love with voice control feature in the Indian market which is bought by many manufacturers such as MG, Tata, Kia, Hyundai & more upcoming. It’s pretty straight that people will love gesture control too in their infotainment system. Which will add very cool and smart features to their car. We hope that this feature will get add soon in a normal budget car like Swift, Tiago, and many more …


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