Good News for Galaxy fans: Price of Galaxy S21 series will same as the S20 series, Leaks suggest-Techweu

Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra detailed image leaked-Techweu
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An unnamed Samsung insider speaks to an Indian publication TechQuila, Reveals some spicy details about the upcoming Galaxy S21 series.

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The price of the trio will not change compared to the price of this year’s Galaxy S20 series. That is, the Galaxy S20 requires 67,000 Indian Rupees, the S20 + requires 74,000 Indian Rupees, and the Ultra requires 93,000 Indian Rupees. If it is carried over to other major markets, you should see prices of $ 900 / € 900, $ 999 / € 999, and $ 1,399 / € 1,399 in the US and Europe respectively.


In addition, there are rumors that the launch in India will be at least a week after the global launch scheduled for January 14. The company will hold a dedicated event at the Opera House store in Bangalore to commemorate the arrival of the new flagship.

Samsung launches blind pre-order in India, price revealed

In fact, the store itself has begun accepting blind pre-orders for the Galaxy S21 series from enthusiastic Samsung fans. You must pay Rs 2,000 ($ 27) in advance to be able to purchase your first mobile phone in India.

Samsung is said to be planning to invite some of the pre-ordered people to the launch event and give them units on the day of the launch in India.


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