Google will test a new app “TaskMate” Here’s the more details-Techweu

Task Mate-Techweu
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As originally reported 9to5Google, The new app is being tested in closed beta. Google apps are called “taskmates” and are similar to Google Opinion Rewards, but a little more complicated.

Basically, Google Opinion Rewards asks passively based on your recent purchases or your recent use of Google products such as Gmail, Google Assistant, and YouTube. Instead of answering these questions, you can earn Google Play credits that you can use for your Play Store apps and subscriptions.


Taskmates take it one step further and ask users to perform more complex tasks in exchange for cash-out reward balances. The app is currently invited only in India and the tasks range from taking pictures of nearby restaurants, asking survey questions, and checking the translation from English to Hindi.


Accurately completed tasks will be paid in local currency and will require an account with a third-party payment processor.When you’re ready to cash out, sign up your e-wallet or account as a payment partner in the app and visit your profile page[キャッシュアウト]Press the button. You can then withdraw your earnings in your local currency. “

There are “field” and “sitting” tasks, the latter of which can be done at home. Users can earn rewards by recording or transcribing sentences. This can help Google understand the nuances of Indian English speakers.

The app is currently in beta and is only available to those who have an invitation code.

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