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BlackBerry was a huge company 10 years ago and its devices were the most popular around. Fast-forwarding in 2021, brands will be completely different from their past self and will not be able to adapt to the reality of new smartphones. However, its intellectual property is still relevant, and Huawei now has 90 patents from Blackberry, most of which are security-related, with a new report later confirmed by a spokesperson for the company. there is.

Huawei_acquires_90_patients_from_blackberry-techweuBlackBerry Key2

According to BlackBerry, the deal is about patents in the United States, is a very small deal, and is not part of an ongoing deal with the Government of Canada, the country of origin of BB.

According to one patent attorney, the acquisition includes not only security-related patents but also basic features such as how to display text according to the orientation of the phone and how to obtain GPS data.

BlackBerry CEO John Chen said the company is currently moving from the smartphone business to the software world. We are currently betting all chips on the license agreement. We are suing companies such as Facebook and Twitter that sell existing patents or use their intellectual property without proper compensation.


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