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Huawei’s business faces major challenges following the latest US ban that blocked access to chip supplies. According to now Financial TimesThe Shenzhen company is currently operating on behalf of its own R & D business and is preparing its own chipset factory with local government support (instead of relying on TSMC).

Initially, only the 45nm chipset, first introduced in 2007, can be manufactured.

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Earlier this year, Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business group, revealed that the company was unable to manufacture its own chips. That is, you have to start from the beginning.The· FT According to the report, the 28nm chipset will be manufactured by the end of 2021. Such platforms are useful for IoT devices. By 2022, Huawei will eventually be able to produce 20nm chips useful for the 5G base station business.

Huawei is building a new chip factory that does not use US technology

Chinese companies are very unlikely to get smartphone-worthy chips from new factories in the next few years, and 5nm process technology is wishful thinking at best. However, according to the latest report, Qualcomm may be able to license and supply to Chinese giants.


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