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Lenovo officially teases the Lemon K12 series 3
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Recently, it was discovered that Lenovo’s new smartphone has passed the FCC as a rebranded Moto G9 Power. The name of this device was fixed as K12 Pro. Only a few days later, Lenovo made fun of the next smartphone photo (which is set to compete with Redmi’s lineup).

On Monday, Lenovo officially confirmed the next “Lemon K12 Series,” as stated on the Teaser poster. The devices we saw in the previous two reports are related, and at least one of the devices will be a rebranded variant of the Moto G9 variant. I suspect that other smartphones in the Lemon K12 lineup will be rebranded versions of other Moto G9 phones.


Lenovo officially teases the Lemon K12 series, which will be announced on December 9th

Lenovo used to use the name “Lemon” for smartphones with low-end processors, but this time it expects the Lemon K12 series to have the same name. As you know, Lenovo’s presence as a smartphone brand is mainly concentrated in China, and the Motorola brand owned by Lenovo is used in the Western market.

The actual name of the previously reported device has not been confirmed as “K12 Pro”, but will be confirmed on December 9th with other members of the lineup.

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