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LG’s experimental division, which brought the wing to date, is working on a smartphone with a rollable OLED display that will be launched next year. The company made fun of it at the end of the Wing announcement, and the latest rumors say a new device will arrive in March.

If you’re wondering what LG calls this unique phone, it’s no wonder. The company chose the most descriptive ones possible. Therefore, we have filed a trademark application for the name with the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) … LG Rollable. Before the “Z” and “5G” were put into the mix, it was like a “Galaxy Fold”.

This application was submitted by Munich broker Mitscherlich. This was previously submitted on behalf of LG, including various variations such as LG The Roll, LG Double Roll, LG Dual Roll, LG Bi-Roll, and LG Roll Canvas. Among them, in our humble opinion, LG Rollable sounds the best-much more. What is your opinion?

LG rollable smartphones can LG roll

The trademark application states that this is a smartphone and may even support a stylus. Please note that the above image was created based on what the phone looks like, not a leaked rendering. This will give you an idea of ​​what you can expect.

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