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By the accounts of multiple rumors, LG is ready to give up on its G-series this yr. As a result, the cellular phone that could have been the G9 is actually what we now know to be called Velvet.

The Korean corporation has been teasing this handset quite a large amount a short while ago, with its revamped design language – in simple fact, just yesterday it exposed that it really is heading to be powered by the Snapdragon 765 chipset, and appear in four shades.

And now thanks to a certification in Korea, it surely looks like the Velvet will get its quite very own Twin Monitor accessory, like a bunch of LG gadgets in advance of it.

The “Portable monitor include” with the design quantity “LM-G905N” has been authorized by the Korean NRRA, and that product amount by itself is the clue in this article.

LG Velvet's Dual Screen accessory gets certified

If this was to be the G9, then the cellular phone by itself would have experienced the model LM-G900, or some thing along all those strains.

So it would seem really probable that whilst LG modified the business identify of the handset, it did not do the exact same for the product quantity (and why would it?).

Therefore, how we can ascertain that you can find heading to be a Twin Display accent for the future LG Velvet.

It is really unclear at this issue if that will be bundled with the cellular phone (a couple carriers do this for the LG V60 in the US). Do note that some former rumors talked about the possibility that there wouldn’t be a bundle and alternatively you would have to buy the accessory independently.



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