Memory corruption issue to be fixed with iOS 14.4.1 and iPad OS 14.4.1 update-Techweu

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The latest software updates for Apple phones and tablets are negligible, but nevertheless, you probably need to install them right away.

iOS 14.4.1 and iPad OS 14.4.1 serve one purpose, but that is an important one. By fixing a bug in Safari’s rendering engine, WebKit, it is possible to execute arbitrary malicious code while processing maliciously created content.


ios 14.4.1 update

That is the last thing you need. Therefore, it is important to update this version as soon as possible. At the heart of the problem is that WebKit has a memory corruption issue that can be eliminated, but this loophole has been closed.

Download[設定]>[一般]>[ソフトウェアアップデート]Should already be available on all supported iPhones and iPads. If for some reason you didn’t receive the update notification at some point in the last few hours, you can go there and get it.

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