Motorola Moto E6i, E7i Power, Lenovo K13 Gets Bluetooth SIG-certified-Techweu

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Motorola will soon announce a number of new smartphones, including two Bluetooth SIG-certified Moto E6i and Moto E7i Power.

The list on the Bluetooth SIG website states that the Moto E6i model designations are XT2053-5 and XT2053-6, while the E7iPower model numbers are XT2097-12, XT2097-13, and XT2097-14. It is shown.


Moto E6i, Moto E7i Power, and Lenovo K13 Bluetooth certified

This list also includes the Lenovo K13 bearing model code XT2097-15, which may be the E7i Power rebranded for the Chinese market.

The Bluetooth SIG doesn’t elaborate on the specifications of these smartphones, but the E7i Power expects to have a battery of 5,000mAh or more.

Details for the Moto E6i, E7i Power and Lenovo K13 will be available shortly.

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