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One of the delights in looking at a company’s patent claims is to see where it sees the future. That’s certainly the case with Apple ’s latest patent around the MacBook. Are you ready to lose the keyboard?

The new details come in a patent titled “Device Having integrated Interface System”. In this continuation patent, Apple describes a laptop that uses a touch based lower surface for input rather than a physical keyboard.

All this is interesting, but what about good old-fashioned typing? Aside the idea of ​​keyboard based entirely touchscreen (although there are consuming a lot of use for typing only on a tablet or smartphone screen, the patent indicates that the physical keyboard is thin can be placed on a touch enabled surface. It will physically translate the motion of typing down a touchscreen, a technique that records Purcher will be used in upcoming Surface Neo, but one that can be traced back through the history of touchscreen devices (2000 Ericsson R380being early examples) .

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Curiously, the iPhone 12 families will be equipped with a magnetic ring on the back of the case; the assumption is that this will help guide the smartphone to a wireless charger Maybe someone at Apple has a certain appeal to the magnet and touch interface, patents as well.? noted the use of wireless charging upside down, with the wrist area where you would normally be able to fill rest suitably equipped devices, such as Apple Wat ch or iPhone, perhaps when the laptop is not in use.

Patented technology can be no guarantee of reaching the public, and even if it happened it was impossible to see in the next release. This was certainly the case with ‘keyboardless’ MacBook. What patents do show is what the company is working on and developing. In Apple’s case is fully touch sensitive area is not out of the question. After all it has replaced the function keys with touch bar on the MacBook Pro machines

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