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Oppo introduces a new slide concept phone1
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Oppo has announced the Find X 2021 Rollable Concept Phone. It’s far from commercial, but the company is already looking ahead and what’s the next revolution in smartphone design? Oppo has collaborated with Japanese design studio Nendo to announce a new concept slide phone. There are 3 hinges on the X-axis and 7 different sizes are possible.

The idea behind this so-called “slide phone” stems from the ideas of people who want more features from their mobile phones. Oppo and Nendo revealed in a press release. The flexibility to reshape the phone allows users to resize it to suit their situation.


The concept also includes a foldable stylus. In any case, Oppo recognizes that it will take some time before this device becomes a reality, but it’s always important to look ahead and find new innovation paths.

The two companies have also worked on the TWS concept of connecting a pair of earphones to a case / power hub, but they can also be interconnected to make it more compact than ever. The case can be placed on top of a smart speaker with wireless charging and the music will continue to play on the speaker.


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