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The Poco F2 Pro has some big shoes to fill – its predecessor, the Poco F1, did excellently in the JerryRigEverything’s durability test. The F2 comes with a higher price tag and that of course means that expectations are higher.

This video is a good demonstration on the difference in hardness of plastic and glass. Zack forgets to remove the plastic screen protector, which scratched at level 3, while the glass underneath started showing scratches only at level 6.

The F2 abandons the wide notch of the original, going for a pop-up selfie camera instead. In the early days we worried that such designs might be fragile. This pop-up camera did take a beating, but things got scary at one point. Watch the video below to see if it survives.


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Aksh Swanni
Aksh Swanni
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