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Realme 108MP Camera hints Prior to Realme 8 Pro Launch
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Realme is hosting a camera innovation event for the second year in a row. Last year, the brand exhibited the first 64MP quad-cam phone using Samsung’s ISOCELL Bright GW1 module. This year you can see the first 108MP camera to debut in the next Realme 8 series. The sensor in question is Samsung’s ISOCELL HM2 with 9-1 pixel binning technology and up to 3x lossless zoom.

The ISOCELL HM2 is a 1 / 1.52-inch sensor with 0.7 μm pixel size and Super-PD autofocus. You can shoot still images with resolutions up to 12000×9000 pixels and record videos up to 4K @ 120fps. Realme has developed some custom optimizations for the sensor. It will be available in the next Realme 8 Pro.

Realme 8 Pro 3x Zoom Sample

Lossless zoom in the 3x sensor helps to preserve detail and color without oversharpening by taking 12MP photos and mapping the zoomed area. The image processing here has been tuned to take eight consecutive 12MP shots and has been enhanced to use algorithms for sharpness. Realme claims that this process is superior to some telephoto module processes in terms of sharpness.

The 108MP sensor also comes with a new starry mode for time-lapse video of astrophotography. Traditionally, videos in these formats were created by recording multiple clips with a professional camera and editing them on a computer. Realme replaces the process by implementing its own time-lapse video algorithm. Take 30 photos in 480 seconds (8 minutes), create a 1 second time-lapse video, and repeat this process to get the final result you want.

Another Realme added to the ISOCELL HM2 is a tilt shift time-lapse video that uses an algorithm to capture tilt shift photos and videos. These shots simulate the miniature world by not focusing on parts of the image. In the new camera mode, you can select the angle, position, bokeh size directly from the camera settings, and even add a transition effect between blurry and clear areas. Realme 8 Pro will be the first smartphone with tilt-shift video capture.

Realme also offers new portrait filters such as neon portraits, dynamic bokeh portraits, and AI color portraits.

New portrait mode

Last but not least, you’ll get a teaser on the back of the Realme 8 Pro with four camera sensors on a square island. The back is slightly curved and is a Dare to Leap brand with a satin-like finish.

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