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Xiaomi will make a new branch in the Redmi series, the X-series, and we get the feeling that these will sit just under the flagship K-collection. What does X stand for? Properly, a collection of teaser photographs provides several attainable answers.

Redmi 10X teasers promise flagship performance and cutting edge 5G - TechWeuRedmi 10X teasers
Redmi 10X teasers
Redmi 10X teasersRedmi 10X teasers

Long Short story, the Redmi 10X and the phones that follow it will be aimed at a younger age group. Their purpose is to use the advanced technology to create an encounter that surpasses its value course.

An illustration of this will be the 5G connectivity. This will be the 1st 5G Redmi exterior of the K-collection. It will be equipped to hook up two SIM cards to a 5G community and supports high speeds and goodies like VoNR.

That is produced attainable by the MediaTek Dimensity 820 chipset. Moreover the future-gen connectivity, this chip will supply shut to flagship overall performance, as Lu Weibing, the Basic Supervisor of the Redmi brand, is keen to place out.

400,000+ on AnTuTu
The Redmi 10X is coming on May 26
The Redmi 10X is coming on May 26400,000+ on AnTuTu| Redmi 10X is coming on May 26

Early benchmarks demonstrate that the flagships in issue are the Snapdragon 845 and Exynos 9810, but that’s even now fairly excellent from a mid-assortment chip. The 400,000+ AnTuTu score reveals that this is really aggressive with choices in this phase from Qualcomm, Samsung and Huawei.

New Redmi  TVs incomingNew Redmi TVs incoming

The Redmi 10X, the initial of the new branch, will be unveiled on Could 26 and will be joined by a trio of smart TVs. Here’s a chart that displays the place the Dimensity 820 chipset falls on the general performance scale:

Redmi 10X teasers promise flagship performance and cutting edge 5G

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