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Xiaomi has a lot of irons in the Dimensity 820 fire, benchmark benefits from a M2004J7BC machine trace at a doable third telephone the Redmi 10X in addition to the Redmi Note 10 and Redmi K30i.

The phone’s complete AnTuTu score is in excess of 400,000, even though the marginally more mature Dimensity 800 only will get in the low 300,000 details. A massive portion of that appears to be to be the higher GPU performance, which is thanks to the extra GPU main in the Dimensity 820 (for a complete of five).

AnTuTu score of Redmi with Dimensity 820AnTuTu score of Redmi with Dimensity 820

The CPU performs an important job as well with a decent soar in solitary-core effectiveness and a noteworthy enhance in multi-main power, as Geekbench can also attest. This is owing to the higher clock velocity of the 4 Cortex-A76 cores, which now operate at 2.6GHz up from 2.0GHz on the 800 chip.

Geekbench: Redmi with Dimensity 820
Geekbench: Dimensity 800
Geekbench: Snapdragon 765GGeekbench: Redmi with Dimensity 820|Dimensity 800|Snapdragon 765G

AnTuTu suggests greater memory speeds, although that is due to the specific telephones as both of those Dimensity chips assist the exact tech (LPDDR4x and UFS).

There’s some confusion about the exact internet marketing identify of the M2004J7BC. We’ve found it tied to the Redmi Take note 10, but these benchmark scores are allegedly from the Redmi 10X. The 10X definitely be powered by the Dimensity 820 while, Lu Weibing confirmed as much for the duration of the chip’s unveiling. The mobile phone will be unveiled on Might 26.

Redmi 10X with MediaTek Dimensity 820 coming on May 26Redmi 10X with MediaTek Dimensity 820 coming on May possibly 26

Whatever the name, based mostly on these early benchmarks the MediaTek Dimensity 820 will evenly split the Dimensity 1000L (a reduce bin of the top quality 1000 sequence) and the Dimensity 800 (which primarily matches the overall performance of the Snapdragon 765G).

Redmi 10X with Dimensity 820 benchmarked, outscores mid-range Kirin and Snapdragon phones

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