Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 has stereo speakers, says Tarekomi-Techweu

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Samsung released the Galaxy Z Flip, which uses 5G, in July, but hasn’t changed much of the hardware from the original model. Today we have the first information about the Galaxy Z Flip 2, which comes with stereo speakers.


This is a welcome improvement over the previous two Z-flip, which only came with a single downward-launching speaker that felt like a disappointment for such high-end devices. Other future predictions for ZFold 2 include a larger and more convenient 1.1-inch external display, triple camera setup, and 120Hz display.

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Related news display analyst Ross Young claims that the Z Flip 2 will be released in the summer and will not be released with the S21 series in January / February. In the meantime, we’ll look for more clues around Z Flip 2.

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