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Samsung let it slip that the Galaxy Note20+ will be available in “Mystic Bronze” after the Galaxy Watch3 leaked in a similar “Bronze” color. Now it’s Galaxy Z Flip 5G’s turn – the animation (courtesy of @evleaks) shows the phone from all sides in both closed and open positions.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G in Mystic Bronze Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G in Mystic Bronze Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G in Mystic Bronze Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G in Mystic Bronze Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G in Mystic Bronze
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G in Mystic Bronze

Like on the Note, the Mystic Bronze color on the Flip comes with a frosted glass finish. The current Z Flip has glossy glass on the outside (as do the Note10 models). Besides that there are no major redesigns on the outside.

But there should be on the inside – the old Snapdragon 855+ chipset of the original will give way to the new Snapdragon 865+ chipset on the Galaxy Z Flip 5G. This will be the first mobile chipset to pass the 3 GHz mark and will also be used on the upcoming Galaxy Note20 phones.

If you were hoping for upgrades to the tiny external screen or the camera, those will have to wait until the Z Flip 2. But that’s probably coming next year, this year (in early August in fact) we’ll get the new Galaxy Z Flip 5G, the Galaxy Note20 flagships and likely a new Fold as well.

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