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The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip (which released in mid-February) appears to be to be accomplishing improved than the company’s initially foldable telephone 230,000 units have been sold in the thirty day period of March by yourself, 56.1% up from the February numbers.

For comparison, Samsung sold 400,000 Galaxy Folds in all of 2019.

Nonetheless, that’s a minimal gain as the major money maker, the Galaxy S20 collection, is not accomplishing so scorching.

A report from Korea states that profits are 35% down from what the S10 managed very last 12 months.

When COVID-19 similar lockdowns surely had an outcome, the total gross sales of Samsung smartphones are down 22.4% – a steep drop, but not as huge as that endured by the flagship line. In overall the corporation sold 89.46 million units this March, 4.3% down when compared to February.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip sales go up in March as the Galaxy S20 flagships struggle

Apple, which like Samsung is dependent on Western marketplaces, observed a 23.4% year on year drop in product sales for March with a total of 10.14 million units bought.

That’s practically a quarter down from the February gross sales.

Meanwhile, Huawei is demonstrating symptoms of recovery with a month-to-month improve of 26.6% as the company’s critical sector, China, is currently recovering.

Samsung isn’t so fortunate as its crucial marketplaces remained closed in April, it reportedly expects an even more substantial drop in product sales.



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