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Samsung has found itself involved in a fierce court battle in Russia for patent infringement related to Samsung Pay Services. A Russian court first decided to stop importing and selling up to 61 models of smartphones running Samsung Pay on the grounds of accusing Samsung Pay of violating Swiss patents-the finest Galaxy Z Fold3. And ZFlip3 included-based mobile payment company SqwinSa. Samsung has appealed the decision and has not yet been legally bottled to stop selling the phone.

Samsung is not allowed to sell 61 models of smartphones in Russia due to patent infringement

This issue dates back to 2013, when Victor Gulchenko filed a patent for an online transaction system, which was registered in April 2019 and granted to SqwinSa. Samsung Pay was introduced in 2015 and entered Russia a year later in 2016.

As of today, Samsung Pay is considered the third most used contactless payment system in Russia, with 17% of transactions following Apple Pay (30%) and Google Pay (32%). increase. According to legal experts, the latter two services could also be the victim of SqwinSa’s patents.

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