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Checkpoint security researchers discovered a serious threat for everyone who is using Qualcomm-powered smartphones, which as of 2019 is about 40% of the current market. The researchers call the exploits “Achilles”.

Check Point observed more than 400 lines of code vulnerabilities all in the digital signal processors of Qualcomm’s SoCs. Of course, they are keeping most of the details a secret to minimize the risk of someone using the exploits.

The hacker can potentially record calls, steal info, put in a destructive software program that won’t be able to be uninstalled, and even brick the unit. Qualcomm has already started updating the drivers and the low-level code and should soon make it available to vendors, who will then need to push updates fixing the actual phones.


Still, analysts say that it is very not likely that any individual has ever employed these exploits and that they will not have any documents of any person presently accomplished so. As long you download apps from trusted sources like the Google Play store you should be safe.


Serious Security exploits in Qualcomm Snapdragon chips

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