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Snapchat and YouTube are the two latest platforms that have suspended Donald Trump’s account after the Washington, DC event on January 6, 2021.

According to Axios, Snapchat has repeatedly deleted the president’s content after being warned of a policy violation. The indefinite outage was “caused by Trump’s record of inciting violence on other platforms, as well as action on Snapchat.”

Meanwhile, CNN reports that YouTube has been shutting down the channel for a week after winning a strike based on platform policy. The video platform also removed content from the White House channel for violating the policy, but received only the warning, which was the previous step before the strike.

A spokesman for YouTube, a Google-owned company, said video and live stream uploads could be suspended and extended for seven days, following a simple procedure following a strike system. It also requires additional steps to invalidate the comments under the video on Trump’s channel.

YouTube policy now states that the second attack means a two-week outage, and the third attack leads to a permanent ban.


Returning to Snapchat, this isn’t the first time the platform has been enthusiastic about promoting content by Donald Trump. Back in June, his account was unable to promote the content of the Discover section, which is usually filled with professional content from influencers, athletes and other celebrities. The user had to look for a Trump account in the search options.

Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok previously banned Donald Trump, and his Instagram profile is still valid, but there haven’t been any new posts since before the Capitol was siege last week.

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