Sony Xperia Compact to be called “Xperia Ace 2” for Japan only-Techweu

Sony Xperia Compact to be called techweu

Reports on compact Sony Xperia smartphones began to surface last year. Rendering on Xperia smartphone leaked on 5.5-inch screen and dual camera. Many were excited about the potential for a resurgence of Sony’s popular compact series, but the leaked renderings had a midrange contrast to the “compact” series, which always used a small flagship interior. It was like drawing a smartphone.

Sony Xperia Compact to be called techweuRendering of a previously leaked unreleased Sony Xperia handset

New report from AndroidNext The leaked smartphone rendering portrayed a small smartphone, but pointed out that it wasn’t really “compact.” Rather, the report quoted Weibo’s post stating that there are no global variations of this “5.5-inch compact Xperia.”

Sony Xperia Compact to be called "Xperia Ace 2" for Japan onlyvia Android Next

According to Weibo’s post, the rendered smartphone above is actually the successor to the original Xperia Ace. In this way, this new “Ace 2” will be released exclusively in Japan under the domestic DoCoMo wireless communication carrier.

according to AndroidNext, This Xperia phone may be equipped with Snapdragon 6905G. The 5.5-inch display, on the other hand, has a notch cutout for the self-camera, a modest aspect ratio of 21: 9, a dedicated camera button, a fingerprint scanner integrated into the power key, and a headphone jack. .. There is also a dual-camera setup on the back.

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