Soon you will be able to roll your laptop in pocket LG patents rolling display, Here’s report-Techweu


With Oppo’s recent concept phone announcement and the not-so-distant past TCL concept devices, rollable displays are the next smartphone trend following foldable displays. LG has already got a rollable TV with a high-end Signature lineup starting at $ 60,000, and the company recently applied for a “rollable” name, probably for LG smartphones with a slide-out display. Because. The company may also be working on ideas for future laptops.

LG’s latest patent (via RootMyGalaxy) Indicates a brand new laptop form factor. This includes a 17-inch display that can be rolled up and stowed. The display can be deployed anywhere from 13.3 “to 17” display sizes.

Soon you will be able to roll your laptop in pocket LG patents rolling display, Here's report-Techweu

Based on the image, the keyboard and touchpad also appear to fold to save even more space when not in use. This is an interesting concept and I wonder when and when LG will have a publicly available concept.

LG patents 17-inch laptop with rolling display

Keep this in mind, as with any patent that shows a radical design. Hardware companies often patent designs that may never go through the drafting phase. I’m excited to see companies pushing the boundaries of design and functionality, rollable or not. The display is a big part of that.


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