T-Mobile is misleading Americans with 5G advertising BBB report-Techweu
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A new release from the National Advertising Division (NAD) of the BBB (Better Business Bureau) National Programs calls on T-Mobile for the latest marketing ads that can mislead customers about 5G networks.

The ad in question can convince T-Mobile’s customers that the combined network of T-Mobile and Sprint has brought immediate benefits to them.


T-Mobile revealed its ambition to “build America’s largest 5G network,” and “T-Mobile’s 5G network is more” than its competitors’ 5G network. ” Towers, engineers, and coverage will increase. ” These will come as a result of the merger, but in the future, they will be tense.

The allegations in question after the merger with T-Mobile’s Spring 5G service, which appeared in online and television advertising, were challenged by Verizon Communications, Inc.

[…] However, NAD portrayed the benefits of the Sprint-T-Mobile merger and the rapid firing of magenta and yellow beams from tower to tower, passing through server rooms and vast landscapes throughout the city at high speeds. He asserted about the combination of images and concluded that the engineers were introducing the technology. Consumers using upgrades and smartphones and conference calls reasonably convey an unsupported message that the advertised benefits of the merger will be imminently realized by consumers.

NAD recommends that T-Mobile change the wording of its ads so that it doesn’t suggest that the benefits of the Sprint merger will be immediate. T-Mobile supports NAD recommendations: “Get the best 5G network”, “Unprecedented … 5G network that offers reliability and the highest capacity ever. Correct claims such as “Build a”. I support these claims.


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