The latest Chrome Version 88 will notify you for compromised passwords, Here’s how-Techweu

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Google has pushed Chrome v88 for desktop. This contains some important changes.

The browser checks to see if the stored password is at risk. This is a standard feature of most dedicated password managers. If a compromised password is found, you will be warned to change it to a more secure one.


v88 also adds the tab search feature previously found in v87 on Chrome OS. If you have too many open tabs, you can use this to find open tabs. However, this feature isn’t immediately available and should be enabled by switching the Chrome flag in chrome: // flags / # enable-tab-search.

Also, if you have Dark Mode enabled on Windows, darkening the scrollbars on the Settings page will slightly improve Dark Mode support on Windows. Unfortunately, this seems to be the only thing I do here, and the actual web page uses the old scrollbars, even in dark mode.

Some have also been removed. There is no more expected support for Adobe Flash. Browsers have also discontinued FTP support, so you will not be able to open FTP pages within your browser. Support for macOS Yosemite will also end. Finally, v88 will also end support for Legacy Browser Support (LBS).

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