Thousands of iPhones looted in protest at Wistron factory in India-Techweu

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In India, Apple has signed a contract with Taiwanese manufacturer Wistron, which has a factory in Chorale, India, to assemble iPhones for sale in and around the region. Protests took place over the weekend due to salaries from factory workers. Thousands of iPhones are said to have been looted from the factory as protests were involved in riots.

As reported by Indian eraWistron estimates that the overall damage will amount to about 437 rupees (more than $ 59 million). This includes damage to factory assembly lines, factory property, and thousands of stolen iPhones. The violence was reported to have lasted for two hours, during which time the damage occurred this Saturday.

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State Labor Minister Schvram Heber states that Wistron has contracted with six companies to hire approximately 8,900 employees at its Corral plant. According to the government, these contractors were paid by the company to the workers, but Wistron was in conflict with the contract workers for three months. The Minister of Labor called the company’s loss “unacceptable” and accused the violence.

Industry Minister Jagadish Shetter said the violence was due to a misunderstanding between Wistron, a labor contractor, and an employee. “I heard that the company paid the labor contractor, but the labor contractor delayed the payment to the employee. This is under verification.”

The Ministry of Labor has notified Wistron that it will take three days for the company to pay its employees, whether from Wistron or a labor contractor. Corral police are investigating whether violence was planned as a deliberate act of destroying property.


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