Vivo Funtouch OS replacement is here, Here’s fresh UI-Techweu

Vivo Funtouch OS replacement is here, Here's fresh UI-Techweu

An alternative to today’s in vivo FuntouchOS is Origin OS. The new platform focuses on a reimagined widget system, advanced gestures, memory optimization, and a healthy amount of visual flair.

Let’s start with the widget. They are inspired by Huarong Road, a type of sliding puzzle of various piece sizes. You can easily reposition your home screen, even if you have multiple widgets that don’t match in size (in fact, this is the recommended way to layout your OriginOS home screen).


In its simplest form, widgets change their appearance to convey information. Shift the sun and rain clouds for the weather app and the message bubble for the SMS app. Tap a widget to expand it to see additional information and controls. “Nano Alert” is an interesting idea to display notifications from the app in the widget.

Vivo Details OriginOS: Highly interactive widgets, new gestures, memory optimization

According to Vivo, there are 26 gesture combinations that start with a tap at the bottom of the screen. There is also a SuperCard that can be called from anywhere (even when the screen is off) for quick and easy mobile payments.

Vivo Details OriginOS: Highly interactive widgets, new gestures, memory optimization

OriginOS comes with Multi-Turbo 5.0, a collection of memory optimization techniques. Memory Fusion sounds like a swap that adds 3GB of RAM by shuffling data into flash storage. The second function is to optimize memory usage to reduce the initial RAM required by the software. Finally, application preload reduces app launch time by guessing which app to open next and preparing the necessary data.

For a visual sense, Vivo has prepared a “behavioral wallpaper” that simulates complex movements such as the shaking of individual petals of a flower. The wallpaper can also be matched to the outside weather by drawing an accurate representation of the clouds (matches the visibility of cloud cover, wind speed, and local weather conditions).

Here is a screenshot of OriginOS:

And another demo video:

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