Xiaomi Redmi Book Pro announced here’s the details-Techweu

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Intel brought it to the CES 2021 to showcase the latest chipset, and Xiaomi soon announced that Weibo would bring the new Redmi Book Pro to the platform. The new laptop will feature the Tiger Lake H-series processor, a more powerful version of the U-series currently available.

Xiaomi’s Redmi Book Pro will be available at a dedicated event next month around the time the Redmi K40 series is due. You can’t be sure that both your laptop and your smartphone will appear on the same stage, but you shouldn’t remove them from the equation.


One of the potential launches of the new Redmi Book Pro is around MWC Shanghai 2021, with the MWC Barcelona date switching and taking place from February 23rd to 25th. The Redmi K30 was also released with the Redmi book.

Because the H35 CPU is performance-oriented, you can expect the RedmiBook Pro to lean towards raw power rather than long battery backups.

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