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Xiaomi introduced Mi Air Charge technology this Friday morning. According to the company, “remote charging technology” can charge multiple devices at the same time, charging your smartphone “even when you’re walking around or something is in the way.”

The company has a blog post outlining how the technology works. The transmitter looks pretty big. It’s probably about the size of a side table in the living room next to the sofa. The transmitter can wirelessly provide a 5W charge to your smartphone.

Xiaomi introduces Mi Air Charge, wireless charging from the entire room

Xiaomi’s self-developed isolated charging pile incorporates five phase-interfering antennas that can pinpoint the location of your smartphone. A phase-controlled array of 144 antennas sends millimeter-wide waves directly to the phone via beamforming.

This type of charging has nothing to do with the Qi standard. Smartphones must be equipped with a “small antenna array with a built-in” beacon antenna “and” receiving antenna array “. Smartphones have 14 antennas for converting millimeter-wave signals emitted from the charging pile. The signal is converted to electrical energy via a rectifier circuit.

Xiaomi introduces Mi Air Charge, wireless charging from the entire room

In its current state, Xiaomi’s remote charging technology can charge multiple devices with a current of 5W within a “several meters” radius. Xiaomi claims that physical objects do not reduce charging efficiency, but there are some caveats to this.

Xiaomi teases that Mi Air Charge technology is ultimately compatible with smartwatches, fitness bands and other wearables.

Soon, all living room devices, including speakers, desk lamps and other small smart home products, will be built on a completely wire-free wireless power supply design, making the living room truly wireless.

No release date has been provided for the Mi Air Charge system, and it is unclear if such technology will reach the consumer market. One of the things we know for sure is that it gets expensive every time we arrive. It’s interesting to see these innovations and we’re excited about the future of wireless charging technology.


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