Xiaomi Mi 11 postmortem goes-on here’s how it looks from inside-Techweu

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Only a few days later JerryRigEverything Demonstrated the durability of Xiaomi’s new Mi11. He is back with a new video. This time, it’s about the inside of the phone.


Peel off the back of the glass and you’ll see a large copper charging pad that helps the Mi11 charge wirelessly at speeds up to 50W. It’s also interesting to see the many greenish screws on the top half of the phone.

The inside of the camera island is made of metal. When you reach the 4,600 mAH battery, you’ll see that it’s actually made up of two separate parts wrapped together. The two-cell construction allows for faster-charging speeds than traditional one-piece battery packs.

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The speaker is near the bottom of the device and is packed with thousands of small muffling foam balls. The speaker is also waterproof. If you go back to the top half of the phone, you’ll see that the back of the motherboard is packed with a lot of copper.

Another interesting bit is the proximity sensor located under the display next to the earpiece speaker.

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